Sunday Mornings at the Thames

Events June 26, 2015

A while back we loaded our mobile bookstore with a bunch of girls, a collection of zines and plenty of beer to get us through the weekend to set off on an adventure across the sea. After spending some time in the, to us, most exciting city in the world, we decided to stay and are very happy to announce we are sharing a studio space with the legendary Roberto Rubalcava in London.

264522_645190245510425_1608033689_n  944111_644621215567328_1929456340_n 935329_644394982256618_2089417242_n 941513_645190205510429_1156434598_n 971777_644404728922310_1403119430_n 376824_644620365567413_956608443_n945833_644404778922305_260232254_n 13017_644395105589939_2071222823_n  944145_644620252234091_1420990577_n 601750_644620902234026_64791632_n 558040_645190248843758_157222934_n 970069_644620555567394_764849420_n 599450_644620572234059_815388880_n 400584_644620582234058_1366507826_n 599320_644620352234081_227403315_nThanks Anniek, Renee, Simone, Rhys and Sanne for being a part of this beautiful adventure.

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