A Super Epic Yurt in a super epic forest

Events June 27, 2015

Back in April we organised an exhibition / gathering together with our friends at I Wait Here. Think forest, meadow, horses, twinkling lights, music, bonfires and a wonderful Mongolian yurt. Special thanks to ’De Bonte Hoeve’ for lending us our land, ’Nooit meer haast’ for providing us with the most beautiful yurt ever and mum and dad for keeping the generator running.

tumblr_inline_nemqbxC6Os1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr2jTRXi1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr3kxmOE1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr4sGjgY1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr6m0yIz1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr7h44Y51qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr8olv361qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemr9e18kg1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrakMzEH1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrbpuujM1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrcc3wKm1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrcxPs8b1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemre0OIno1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrfgWKxG1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrgigHOj1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrh8kkNx1qzn4ib tumblr_inline_nemrip1Syp1qzn4ib

Read a (Dutch) report on the event on ModerneHippies.nl

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