A Story to Share launch event

Events June 28, 2015

We kicked off the new year in style with the launch of ’A Story to Share’ by our friend Roberto Rubalcava, co-hosted with I Wait Here. Photos by Sanne Poppeliers, Roberto Rubalcava and Xandra van der Eijk. We loved having you guys with us.

Thank you for letting us publish your beautiful dreamy images Roberto, thank you Sara van der Borg for cooking such delicious food, thank you I Wait Here for hosting this thing with us and thank you Tom for playing your amazing music.

A Story to Share002 A Story to Share003 A Story to Share007 A Story to Share004 A Story to Share006 A Story to Share005 A Story to Share008 A Story to Share009 A Story to Share013 A Story to Share014 A Story to Share010 A Story to Share011 A Story to Share012 A Story to Share016 A Story to Share017 A Story to Share019 A Story to Share020 A Story to Share021 A Story to Share023 A Story to Share024 A Story to Share022 A Story to Share027 A Story to Share028

A Story to Share is available for purchase here.
Interview with Roberto

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