Launching ‘Das Farbenspiel der Dinge’ by Annosh Urbanke

Events June 28, 2015

To celebrate the arrival of Annosh’s zine ‘Das Farbenspiel der Dinge’ we hosted a little event together with I Wait Here in the beginning of October. Beautiful Hilde brought her camera and shot a gorgeous movie. The photos were taken by Xandra.

10606510_887112041312561_8949134397102703611_n 10517573_887112061312559_6540314865476582993_n 10422080_887112067979225_1656652789170585559_n 10169244_887112221312543_4381871329896147753_n  10422187_887112361312529_982262996780930354_n 10690203_887112464645852_6121837043207585380_n 10805662_887113324645766_3378516483183875981_n 10632750_887113247979107_6677931491179757142_n 10703598_887112521312513_4755332792732025249_n 10678724_887112821312483_8162741824431248385_n  10424322_887112581312507_3048809042805561628_n 10356399_887112547979177_3582654638484276592_n 1378028_887112957979136_3018787259540341861_n 10322650_887112657979166_6111114106104353452_n

Interview with Annosh
Zine ‘Das Farbenspiel der Dinge’

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