Suman’s Khatri and his quest to create a better world

Nepal July 14, 2015

Two devastating earthquakes in May this year affected more than 8 million people in Nepal. We visited this beautiful country last November and felt a strong connection to the land and its people. When we heard about the earthquakes we got on the phone with our friends in Kathmandu, asking them how we could help. We launched our fundraiser zine ‘Annapurna’ yesterday, with photographs of our trip to Nepal (the profit will go directly to Nepal). Over the next couple of weeks we will share with you the stories of the people of Kharipati while we prepare for a zine and Indiegogo fundraiser launch in our brand new London gallery. The dream is to build a school in Kharipati and provide the children of this destroyed village with an education and a stable place to gather and play. We can not do this without your help.

Today we introduce Suman Khatri to you. Suman was our guide during a trek to Poon Hill and he has been our friend ever since.

We traveled with Suman for two weeks in Nepal and he really added colour to our experience there. When arriving at the other side of the world in a country you don’t know, with a culture opposite of your own, seeing a friendly face holding a sign with your name on it, is a blessing. We missed that friendly face because we are chaotic by nature and lost track of our fellow countrymen when we lined up to get an on arrival visa (note to selves: arrange your visa beforehand next time). We tagged along with the wrong guide, who happened to know Suman and got him on the phone for us. Suman is very quick when it comes to jumping into unexpected situations, he adapts quickly and find alternatives. He was coming down the parking lot within five minutes, followed by our new friends for the next couple of days. Suman has the ability to make you feel at ease straight away. The weight of a foreign country, yelling taxi drivers and a heavy backpack was lifted as soon as we were in the car. Suman knows his stuff. He knew what we needed before we even realised we needed it and he goes beyond the call of duty to make everybody happy. During our trip we got handed tissues, oranges and extra blankets before we even opened our mouth. In many aspects Suman is like Nepal itself, caring, optimistic and welcoming his travel companions with open arms.

Suman will keep us up to date about what is happening in Kharipati. He sends us photos and stories and when we start raising funds, he will oversee the project over there to make sure the money goes where it is needed the most.

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