The Sagg Pond project by Christine Morro II

Writing August 5, 2015

wildflowers i tuck between two slender pieces of cardboard…walking is art…collecting too is art…i make no separation nor distinction between the making of things and being present in the world ~ one swims into the other. A root knob on the shore, weathered and smooth by wind and briny water, the vertabrae and bell shaped ribcage of something that once swam…inviting strangeness in the perfection of sky and the sea that breaks just beyond the narrow stretch of a sandy shore. By now the plover are nesting – the males build scrapes in the sand. The male and female play a game much like charades to distract fox and those who come to steal the small pale buff colored eggs. The cycle of spring is arcing and in a two moon cycles we will meet the solstice.

“I am not only entranced by the flight of a bird but the just after; that space where no trace is left but is now changed.”

Christine Morro is an artist and writer informed by landscape, light, and the geological rhythm. She left her long time home in Brooklyn NY for a restored former horse stable on the eastern end of long island. During the summer months she heads to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia Spain. Christine will be publishing a series of short prose pieces that revolve around Sagg pond which she writes about and photographs regularly.

w.  e. christinemorro[at]

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