Sunday Mornings at the River’s current Tumblr crushes

Uncategorized August 6, 2015

We love tumblr, not only for the beautifully designed layouts but also for the artistic community that seems to be residing there; photographers using the platform to run their photodiaries on, but also inspirational blogs updated by dreamers on a daily basis. We decided to shine a little light on some of our favourite blogs.

Coffee in the Mountains

Coffee in the mountains is one of theblogs we visit daily. This inspirational tumblr run by Helsinki native Sari takes you on road trips, into the mountains, and all around the world.

poler stuff

Poler Stuff

Poler outdoor stuff makes gear for people who are travelers, couch surfers, campers and well, just about anyone looking for stuff that is all about having fun on road trips and in the outdoors. On their tumblr you will find photo essays of their adventures, some of the things they make and inspirational images that seem to carry the camp vibe hashtag they promote.

richard gaston

Richard Gaston

Richard Gaston is a young photographer from Glasgow and we love the photos he takes of Scotland and the trips away from home. His tumblr contains his own photographs and functions like a travel diary.

forrest mankins 2

Forrest Mankins

A Life Alive, Forrest Mankins’ tumblr, is a call to action. Everyone has a dream; you have a dream, and I think it’s worth pursuing. It’s easy to postpone our dreams until “Someday,” but the reality is that we aren’t guaranteed any time in this life, and we deserve to pursue happiness. This is about overcoming and realizing the power that we all hold to take control of our lives. We can accomplish anything if we put our mind and our hands together. Forrest moved into a Toyota and is traveling across the States, you can follow his journey here.

william broadhurst

William Broadhurst

This 23 year old photographer from Melbourne documents his life on this very consistent high quality documentary tumblr journal. This was the text that belongs to the picture above: Our family dog Quinn on one of our walks through the native revegetation areas along the Sandringham foreshore. He was brought up to be a sniffer dog at the airport but failed due to placidity and we got keep him. On this walk he ate a dead pufferfish and was in the sin bin on the long walk home.

alex strohl

Alex Strohl

Alex probably has the best job in the world. He is a French adventure photographer. After being kicked out of secundary school Alex started to work as a photographer, set up his own agency and is now shooting for big global brands while traveling the world. Yes, we are a bit envious of the photos on his tumblr journal.


Take Me to the Mountains

Take me to the mountains is an inspirational blog, filled with romantic photos, quotes and drawings all inspired by nature or adventure.


The Adventure Handbook

The Adventure Handbook is an independent collective of storytellers from Australia, brought together by the goal of redefining travel writing and the meaning of ‘adventure’. We team up with our extended family from around the globe to share honest stories to inspire people to get out there. We love these guys.

think north

Think North

Inspirational blog by photographer, illustrator and designer Tim. Lots of vintage black and white adventure shots.

matt lief anderson

Matt Lief Anderson

A travel diary by photographer Matt Lief Anderson.

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