Gathered leaves by Alec Soth in the Science Museum

Events October 16, 2015

Alec Soth is widely considered to be world’s foremost documentary photographer. Recently described by the Telegraph as the ‘greatest living photographer of America’s social and geographical landscape’, Soth is admired for his experimentation across exhibition, book, magazine and digital forms.”

Let me just come out and say it. I love Alec Soth. When the American photographer said ‘yes’ to being published in the second issue of our zine, I felt ready to retire from publishing. After all, I had achieved all that I wanted to achieve, having printed some of my favourite photos from Soth’s ‘Broken Manual’ series in my outdoorsy booklet.

photo 2 photo 5 copy

Today I stood eye to eye with some of these shots in London’s Science Museum. ‘Gathered Leaves’ is Soth’s first major UK show and it was an absolute delight. Don’t get me wrong, I see a lot of photography on museum walls that I like, but rarely do I see a show of which I love every single picture that is in it. The show takes us through Soth’s biggest projects over the past few years, starting with ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’ and ending with ‘Songbook.’

“Through haunting, intimate portraits, desolate landscapes and wide open wildernesses, his work captures a profound sense of what it is to be human. Tenderness, joy, disappointment, fear or pride – his striking portraits capture the rawness of human emotion and the tension between our conflicting desires for individualism and community.”

Mack books found a solution to some of Soth’s books being out of print with the beautiful catalogue that accompanies this exhibition. Within the box are miniature versions of all of Soth’s signature projects, as well as a bunch of prints and texts by Aaron Schuman and Kate Bush. Definitely worth the look.


The Science Museum
Mack Books

Quotes from the Science Museum.

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