Everything cold in Slovenia by Dia Takácsová

On the Road October 18, 2015

Maribor welcomes me with heavy snow in its empty streets: I cannot find the synagogue I am searching for, I literally cannot find and see anything. I’m stopping a random guy and ask him both the way to the train station. We end up talking about life in Slovenia. We laugh about how everyone always confuses Slovakia for Slovenia – I’m finally in the right place! The train silently passes through small villages and hills. Nataša and Špela pick me up in Celje and we are heading for a mountain home with only two neighbours. Snowy trees are everywhere, all around us. The roadtrip starts tomorrow morning.

16-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia 4-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia 23-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia

The girls are taking me to all the must-see places, ending in Logarska: not a soul to see! The snow keeps falling; it’s so deep that I’m almost disappearing in it. The Slap Rinka is frozen and so are we. As I’m wondering, I think I have no problem with the snowy face of winter, I don’t love it or hate it, it’s just there, reducing the slice of the land we see and making things clearer.

24-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia  21-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia14-Everything-cold-in-Slovenia

We are enjoying every moment – the everyday attempts to dry our clothes before hitting the road the next day; the evenings full of laughter and drinks; the mountain views and lakes out of a storybook; the taxi driver who couldn‘t go up the hill’s frozen road; Ljubljana’s Metelkova district and the feel of the capital that seems more like a small, friendly town, visiting the bakery with the “best fried cakes in the country,” driving endless kilometers and stopping at the most random places where I’m capturing the scenery.

Text and photography by Dia Takácsová

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