Sounds of Israel by Dia Takácsová 1/2

On the Road October 20, 2015

Tired of the winter, we tried to escape it on the curvy roads of Israel, changing the boundaries of routine to the chaos of colours, smells and noises. Coming from the cold of -20°C, seeing palmtrees when we step out of the plane in Tel Aviv seems almost surreal. Crossroads of history in Jerusalem; narrow bazaar streets; our tiny flat with a cat sleeping on the roof. Standing in the crowd with the locals, with tourists and soldiers, I’m trying to catch some of their colourful stories.

1-Israel-I 4-Israel-I 5-Israel-I 9-Israel-I

Celebrating the ‘here and now‘ instead of the New Year’s Eve, we are spending the first day of 2015 floating in the Dead Sea and watching how the last sparkles of light disappear in the hills. The second day takes us on a crowded bus to the direction of the Negev desert. Ghost town streets walked only by ibexes, bright yellow canyons. We spend the night in a silent camp in a different dimension where time seemed to stand still; listening to the sounds of campfire and stories of the locals. We sleep in a huge tent until the sun comes up.

10-Israel-I 15-Israel-I 18-Israel-I 20-Israel-I 21-Israel-I 22-Israel-I

Photography and story by Dia Takácsová

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