Sounds of Israel by Dia Takácsová part 2 of 2

On the Road October 27, 2015

A quiet camp, everything is still, only a striped cat searches for some food besides the fireplace. We are waking up to cross the empty town and catch the first rays of sunshine. The desert wind is casting goosebumps on our skin while I’m taking photographs of the makhtesh. Suddenly, the weather changes: we cannot see anything but the sandy mist. A local lady stands next to the ibexes, just in the moment when they notice us, they are running away. I was wondering what happens to those born near the desert, how they change: it seems like she knows here every rock, animal, the changes of the seasons…

4-Israel-II 5-Israel-II 6-Israel-II 14-Israel-II 16-Israel-II 19-Israel-II

A few hours later, the wind is as strong as it was before, but now experienced from horseback, but the azure blue sky and the sunshine is back, enabling us to discover all the faces of the desert that are leaving an imprint on me: the tall cactuses, the rocks shaped by thousands of years, the soft sand. The Shabbat ends, and the first bus after the sunset takes us to a place which has nothing in common with the quiet sounds of the desert. Tel Aviv and its turkish bazaar never sleep. Another sea, another home (this time a beautiful, unique hostel), the first rain, endless streets of flea markets and the same airport…

8-Israel-II 26-Israel-II

Photos and story by Dia Takácsová

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