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Gathered leaves by Alec Soth in the Science Museum

Events October 16, 2015

Alec Soth is widely considered to be world’s foremost documentary photographer. Recently described by the Telegraph as the ‘greatest living photographer of America’s social and geographical landscape’, Soth is admired for his experimentation across exhibition, book, magazine and digital forms.”

Let me just come out and say it. I love Alec Soth. When the American photographer said ‘yes’ to being published in the second issue of our zine, I felt ready to retire from publishing. After all, I had achieved all that I wanted to achieve, having printed some of my favourite photos from Soth’s ‘Broken Manual’ series in my outdoorsy booklet.

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Magazine launch ‘Sea You Soon’ in beautiful Barcelona

Events July 5, 2015

We filled our carry ons with zines, hopped on a plain to Spain and hosted a little get together in order to celebrate the birth of ‘Sea You Soon‘ which Monica Bedmar and Leire Galarza published with us. It was a lot of fun editing this little gem and wonderful finally meeting these two beautiful creative souls face to face. We sold most of the zines at the launch night, but we still have a couple of them left in our shop.

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Sunday Mornings at the River x Swan Market

Events June 29, 2015

Last Sunday we were selling our stuff at the Swan Market in Tilburg for the first time.

The Swan Market is a lifestyle market with an emphasis on handmade and consciounce goods. Consciounce as we are, we spend the day talking to art students, mums, granddads who got a little emotional when they saw our collection of old cameras and kids who nicked our props (read rocks) and ran away to chase their parents afterwards.

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A Story to Share launch event

Events June 28, 2015

We kicked off the new year in style with the launch of ’A Story to Share’ by our friend Roberto Rubalcava, co-hosted with I Wait Here. Photos by Sanne Poppeliers, Roberto Rubalcava and Xandra van der Eijk. We loved having you guys with us.

Thank you for letting us publish your beautiful dreamy images Roberto, thank you Sara van der Borg for cooking such delicious food, thank you I Wait Here for hosting this thing with us and thank you Tom for playing your amazing music.

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Launch video ‘Das Farbenspiel der Dinge’

Events June 28, 2015

Sunday Mornings at the River presents: Annosh Urbanke from Hilde Sophie Van Den Dobbelsteen. Thank you for the beautiful clip you made of Annosh’s launch Hilde. Thank you Xandra from I Wait Here for hosting this launch with us.

Zine ‘Das Farbenspiel der Dinge’
Interview with Annosh
Launch event photos

A Super Epic Yurt in a super epic forest

Events June 27, 2015

Back in April we organised an exhibition / gathering together with our friends at I Wait Here. Think forest, meadow, horses, twinkling lights, music, bonfires and a wonderful Mongolian yurt. Special thanks to ’De Bonte Hoeve’ for lending us our land, ’Nooit meer haast’ for providing us with the most beautiful yurt ever and mum and dad for keeping the generator running.

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Sunday Mornings at the Thames

Events June 26, 2015

A while back we loaded our mobile bookstore with a bunch of girls, a collection of zines and plenty of beer to get us through the weekend to set off on an adventure across the sea. After spending some time in the, to us, most exciting city in the world, we decided to stay and are very happy to announce we are sharing a studio space with the legendary Roberto Rubalcava in London. Read More