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Annapurna zine for Nepal

Nepal, Zines September 6, 2015

‘Annapurna’ is a zine with photographs Rebecca Rijsdijk shot during a hike in Nepal. She is also a massif in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal that includes one peak over 8,000 metres, thirteen peaks over 7,000 metres, and sixteen more over 6,000 metres. Quite an impressive lady to look up to from your shelter in the mountains at six in the morning.

When news of the devastating earthquakes reached our ears we couldn’t believe what images we saw on the television; people stuck under the rubble of what once was their home, their shop or their school; collapsed (historical) buildings. The earthquake affects eight million people in Nepal, this is more than a quarter of the total population. When we heard about the death toll and the amount of people wounded or otherwise affected, we got on the phone with our friends in Kathmandu straight away with only two questions burning on our lips; ‘are you safe?’ and ‘what can we do to help?’

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Sea You Soon by Leire Galarza & Monica Bedmar

Zines July 3, 2015

A friendship, two girls, one month, seven islands, two analog cameras and absolute freedom. Leire Galarza and Mònica Bedmar were looking for wilderness when they set out on their adventure together. The one month trip resulted in a zine filled with daydreams, mountains and empty roads.

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Sunday Mornings at the River #3

Zines June 29, 2015

This is our tribute to Sanne, who collaborated with us on the first two issues of our magazine before she set out on a new adventure in a Belgian biology lab (we bet she looks really good in a lab coat).

The third issue of our magazine is all about leaving. This little zine is filled with photos of cars, the great outdoors, camper vans, pretty people floating on their backs. This issue features some of the works of Théo Gosselin, a French born photographer who spends a lot of his free time on the road with an international band of misfits, but it also contains works by Julie Tingley, Sanne Poppeliers, Abbie Calvert, Maddie Joyce, Alexandre Furcolin Filho and Brian Bielawa.

The photos in this issue make you want to pack your bags and set out to seek new horizons.

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A Story to Share by Roberto Rubalcava

Zines June 28, 2015

Beyond doubt the work of London based Roberto Rubalcava will carry you to another place. Incredibly fanciful, blurred and as if they are out of a dream the Mexico City raised and born photographer draws his own pictures. Full of romance and desire. Innocent, honest, pure and sincere visuals which he describes himself a mix between fiction and reality focusing on everyday themes exploring and documenting his life and the life of others. C Heads Magazine

We printed a zine with Roberto’s photographs from the last ten years of his shooting life.

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A Man went up the Mountain by Rebecca Rijsdijk

Zines June 28, 2015

The immigration officer reminds me of a good cop on Hill Street Blues, that’s why we picked his queue. When he asks us whether we’re married I tell him no, “but we are a couple” and apparently we were very successful photographers too. Classic. Lied my arse off before even officially entering the country. When we walk toward the luggage belt I grab his hand, the last time I had done that was eight months ago, just before we broke up. “I am sorry I told him we were a couple.” He smiles, thank God he smiles. It’s a genuine one because his eyes smile. “It’s okay,” he says, and I let go of his hand.

We made another zine. ‘A Man went up the Mountain’ is a collection photos Rebecca Rijsdijk took on a roadtrip in the US. It is a story about a lost love, with the great American West as a backdrop.

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Das Farbenspiel der Dinge by Annosh Urbanke

Zines June 27, 2015

After a couple of months of collaborating with this beautiful human being, we are happy to announce that Annosh Urbanke’s first solo publication is available in our shop now.

”Das Farbenspiel der Dinge is a collection photographs that I took in the past couple of years. I share moments and observations from my own life. Most of the time these moments are small and beautiful disruptions that make the days worthwhile. I try to focus on those small things because they sometimes disappear into nothingness without us even noticing it.” – Annosh Urbanke

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Sunday Mornings at the River #2

Zines June 26, 2015

The second issue of Sunday Mornings at the River zine focusses on the outdoors in a more documentary way. It contains Soth’s images from his series ‘Broken Manual.’ Soth investigates the places in which people retreat to escape civilization. Soth photographs monks, survivalists, hermits and runaways,but this isn’t a conventional documentary book on life “off the grid.”  Read More

Sunday Mornings at the River #1

Zines June 24, 2015

Sunday Mornings at the River’s first zine includes works by Santa Katkuté, Rebecca Rijsdijk, Sanne Poppeliers, Cody Cobb, Noortje Knulst, Lonneke van der Palen, Sam van Grinsven, Taufiq Hosen, Victoria Schilperoort, Nicholas Hance McElroy, Roberto Rubalcava, Jeff Luker, Stine Sampers, Katherine Squier, David Meskhi. Read More