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Angeniet Berkers and 15m2 of freedom

Features November 14, 2015

The whole time I kept thinking; could I live like this? Would I be able to have such a small living space, could I handle the cold and taking very very very cold showers?

When I was nineteen and my mother kept dragging lost people and sad animals into the cabin we lived in, I decided to hunt for my own place. I ended up trading a couple of beers for a wagon and lived on 15m2 in my parents’ garden for a while. When Angeniet Berkers contacted Sunday Mornings with her project 15m2 of freedom, it felt like a trip down memory lane. The wagon I used to live in is overgrown with Ivy, but luckily it is not the only wagon turned living space in the Netherlands. Angeniet spend some time hopping from mobile home to mobile home, documenting unique living spaces in Holland. She bundled her photographs in a beautiful book, mixed with quotes from the inhabitants. Curious to hear more about the project, we had a word with the Dutch photographer.

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