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Angeniet Berkers and 15m2 of freedom

Features November 14, 2015

The whole time I kept thinking; could I live like this? Would I be able to have such a small living space, could I handle the cold and taking very very very cold showers?

When I was nineteen and my mother kept dragging lost people and sad animals into the cabin we lived in, I decided to hunt for my own place. I ended up trading a couple of beers for a wagon and lived on 15m2 in my parents’ garden for a while. When Angeniet Berkers contacted Sunday Mornings with her project 15m2 of freedom, it felt like a trip down memory lane. The wagon I used to live in is overgrown with Ivy, but luckily it is not the only wagon turned living space in the Netherlands. Angeniet spend some time hopping from mobile home to mobile home, documenting unique living spaces in Holland. She bundled her photographs in a beautiful book, mixed with quotes from the inhabitants. Curious to hear more about the project, we had a word with the Dutch photographer.

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Naan Eldering and the stories he finds

Features October 30, 2015

“After going through bankruptcy, I felt it was time to take a distance, to oversee my development and to understand more of the world. I left for South-America and traveled there for six months, realizing that we live together on a planet, that sharing is a beautiful experience, and that I don’t live to work.”

Naan Eldering is a Dutch storyteller who uses different outlets to reach his audience. He designs, writes and photographs what he observes, in an attempt to help people perceive in a more detailed way, to be more amazed. It wasn’t hard to imagine Eldering walking around the forest as a kid chasing gnomes. It is this amazement we have when we are children, when we venture out into the world that Naan still seems to posses. He shares this amazement on his website called ‘Kijkman’ (Dutch for watchman) where he shares his adventures, writes critical pieces and reflects upon society. His fascination with the human perception and representation of the world seeps through on every page. We spoke to Naan about writing, perceiving in a time where we are drowned in a flood of imagery and his adventures as a travel guide.

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Roberto Rubalcava on exploring his fears and finding beauty in tragic circumstances

Features October 17, 2015

“I am challenging myself to explore my fears and memories from my past to overcome my current insecurities; basically using photography as a therapy.”

As we are about the embark on another adventure together with Sunday Mornings at the River’s photographer Roberto Rubalcava in Nepal, we have a little chat with our friend about the different direction his photography is evolving in. From being a poetic fashion photographer to being a poetic documentary photographer, Roberto’s work still has the same effect on our pupils. The subjects he chooses for his documentary work are as melancholic as the portraits he took of his friends in a lake. Roaming to radioactive parts of the world, pointing his camera at the street children of Mozambique and following his friend and fashion designer Amanda Ericsson at the Mexican fabric markets in order to involve the community in sustainable clothing, we can’t wait to work with this multitalented human being in the Everest area.

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