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Your heart can only rebel against your head for so long

exclusives, Uncategorized, Writing May 4, 2016

“Yes, but you were lucky,” she said, putting her cup down on the saucer. It was a beautiful day in May, the birds were happy and the sun was out. I thought about the road I traveled so far and how hard I worked to stay on it. “Lucky?” I asked, “what do you mean lucky?” 
She looked at me. “You’re lucky to do the things that you love.” I stared out of the window and listened to the clock strike twelve. It was noon, we were in London, my favourite city in the world and the place I now called home; a train passed by over our heads and none of it had anything to do with luck.

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Jeff Luker on burning bridges, driving across the country for girls and printing photobooks

Features August 20, 2015

“When you are young and you have no husband or wife, or kids, or house, or job you can just get out and go. You can sleep on couches, shower in truckstops, eat all your meals out of cans, because you are resilient and you are more open to the experience.”

Jeff Luker has been with us since issue #1 rolled out of De Resolutie’s printer and we thought it was about time to have a chat with the thirty year old photographer from Plympton, Massachusetts. Jeff does what we dream about, using his travel bug to create a beautiful, free spirited body of work that he was able to translate into something Urban Outfitters and Levi’s got just as excited about as we are.

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