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Feline de Coninck and feelings for something lost

interview, Uncategorized July 18, 2016

Moments can be cherished, put away in a hidden room, pulled out context and be reflected upon. They start becoming an entity on their own, creating a longing for that particular time away from reality. The photography of Feline De Coninck works in a similar way: she shoots what she needs to remember. We had a little chat with Feline about her work and feelings for something lost.

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Sven Signe den Hartogh ventures onwards

Features, Uncategorized January 17, 2016

‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ – Steve Jobs

Sven came crashing in guns blazing and inked to the eyeballs. This rebel decided he wanted to be a photographer only a year ago (I still remember him being really bouncy about buying his first roll of film) and making a name for himself in a very short amount of time. He is a busy little fucker, not only taking pictures but also throwing some paint at canvasses (and people) in his free time, modelling for denim brands and running a lifestyle blog here and there. About time we had a chat with this busy bee from Holland.

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Exploring Ireland while listening to the blues by Isabella Prins

Features, On the Road, Writing January 8, 2016

Our day in Liverpool ends quickly though and the next day we find ourselves on yet another ferry to Dublin, where we get our first taste of Gaelic. All the road signs are both in English as in Gaelic and I rejoice in trying to say all the words out loud. I quickly memorize the word for exit as we pass the sign at least every five minutes on the highway and I don’t think I ever stopped saying it during those three weeks.

Ireland, I haven’t seen you for a while. A couple of years it has been since my feet touched your soil, but if I think of you I hear the music playing in my head and images of roads winding under flowery skies and over green hills littered with stone hedges come to me clear as if it happened just yesterday.

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A moving room of my own by Cindy Ruch

Features, On the Road January 5, 2016

It was quiet out here, too. Dead kangaroos on the side of the street. The woman at the only roadhouse between Mildura and Broken Hill only said “Yay” and nothing else. It was getting hotter and hotter, red dirt roads branched off from the main street. I got used to driving straight, taking photos out of the car, changing CDs and started to like them now, tried to practise the Spanish rolling R. There was nothing else to do than driving and waiting for something.

It always takes some time to get used to yourself again. I had spent the last two months surrounded by other travellers, started similar small talks every day with different people, and found out new things about faraway countries every other day. Now I was on my own, driving out of Melbourne, and I had forgotten how quiet and lonely it can be behind the rental car’s doors. I had forgotten what I looked like on my own. The outside rushed past without a noise like a movie on a screen with a volume turned down to silence: the trees, the houses, the heat. I had a moving room of my own, my Canon A-1 and a notebook on the passenger seat.

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Sounds of Israel by Dia Takácsová 1/2

On the Road October 20, 2015

Tired of the winter, we tried to escape it on the curvy roads of Israel, changing the boundaries of routine to the chaos of colours, smells and noises. Coming from the cold of -20°C, seeing palmtrees when we step out of the plane in Tel Aviv seems almost surreal. Crossroads of history in Jerusalem; narrow bazaar streets; our tiny flat with a cat sleeping on the roof. Standing in the crowd with the locals, with tourists and soldiers, I’m trying to catch some of their colourful stories.

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Everything cold in Slovenia by Dia Takácsová

On the Road October 18, 2015

Maribor welcomes me with heavy snow in its empty streets: I cannot find the synagogue I am searching for, I literally cannot find and see anything. I’m stopping a random guy and ask him both the way to the train station. We end up talking about life in Slovenia. We laugh about how everyone always confuses Slovakia for Slovenia – I’m finally in the right place! The train silently passes through small villages and hills. Nataša and Špela pick me up in Celje and we are heading for a mountain home with only two neighbours. Snowy trees are everywhere, all around us. The roadtrip starts tomorrow morning.

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Sebastian Dahl and the White Rabbit to Wonderland

On the Road July 19, 2015

“On a sunny day in September 2012 I left my hometown of Oslo, Norway and walked down to the motorway. I put my thumb in the air, and 112 vehicles, 10,000 km and 3 months later I arrived at my destination: Beirut, Lebanon.”

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. And there are other times when the inner freedom instinctively takes you to those epic journeys bound to challenge the others cultural identities. Sébastian Dahl is one of those light wanderers. He packed one small bag and a camera with two lenses and took the decision to travel 10.000 kilometers, hitchhiking his way from Oslo to Beirut in a fascinating journey of nearly three months. He kept a travel diary along the way, taking 112 pictures from 112 vehicles, documenting and memorizing the facts leading to the state of pure freedom. His ‘Right Side Window’ project is meant to highlight the landscape changes along the road from Oslo to Beirut as well as the limitations of being on the road, proving that without people the roadtrips lack substance and cultural diversity: the main spice of any inner and outer journey.

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