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Jonathan Moyal and restless nostalgia

interview, Uncategorized July 20, 2016

French-born photographer Jonathan Moyal’s world contains dark and foggy scenes, women with long hair and a longing for a time he can not return to. Travel plays an important part in his work but it is not the main story, it is more about finding what was lost, a sense of freedom we only seem to experience as a child, without mortgages and bills hovering over our heads. Jonathan takes us back to the time where he and his brother roamed islands and immersed themselves in the beauty of mother nature. Curious about these journeys, we spoke to the young photographer.

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Austin Schermerhorn on things half remembered

interview, Uncategorized April 24, 2016

Austin Schermerhorn’s images are hauntingly beautiful. Scenes in nature, usually involving women in a black and white setting look like fragments from the past. There is a certain sense of nostalgia in his images that grabs you by the hair and drops you in between two worlds. We were curious about the man that creates these worlds and decided to ask him a couple of questions.

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