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Hannelore Commers on longing for ‘a home’ you can no longer return to

interview July 18, 2016

We have been hinting at it for a while and sometimes showed some sneak previews, but today is the happy day where we finally launch Hannelore Commers’ first solo publication ‘Hiraeth’ (try pronouncing that really quickly six times in a row). Because of this joyous fact, we sat down with our favourite Belgian girl and talked about photography, about growing up and about the meaning of that Welsh word she picked as the title of her latest body of work. This girl keeps amazing us, not only with her pictures but with her words as well.

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Getting lost in the West with Hannelore Commers

On the Road August 3, 2015

When she was feverish, she spoke slowly, cautiously; a fight against negative thoughts that tried to overrun her words. “America,” she said, chewing on her words like they were chunks of tough jerky. “America,” I repeated. It seemed an innocent enough idea; flying across time barriers in order to get a second chance and relive the day.

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A Man went up the Mountain by Rebecca Rijsdijk

Zines June 28, 2015

The immigration officer reminds me of a good cop on Hill Street Blues, that’s why we picked his queue. When he asks us whether we’re married I tell him no, “but we are a couple” and apparently we were very successful photographers too. Classic. Lied my arse off before even officially entering the country. When we walk toward the luggage belt I grab his hand, the last time I had done that was eight months ago, just before we broke up. “I am sorry I told him we were a couple.” He smiles, thank God he smiles. It’s a genuine one because his eyes smile. “It’s okay,” he says, and I let go of his hand.

We made another zine. ‘A Man went up the Mountain’ is a collection photos Rebecca Rijsdijk took on a roadtrip in the US. It is a story about a lost love, with the great American West as a backdrop.

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The Giant Forest

exclusives, On the Road June 24, 2015

The Sequoia trees humbled me, to say the least. I had never seen a more enchanted environment as I did while walking amongst these giants. The light was magical, as were the skies. They say Holland is famous for its specific natural light, however looking up at the clouds hovering over the American valleys was, well, something else. Read More

The Grey Mountains

exclusives, On the Road June 24, 2015

I was sat in the biggest plane I had ever been on, with three very excited travel companions in the seats behind me and one very tired one in the seat next to me. I flew to the US with my former boyfriend and a couple of his friends. We had already booked the trip before our split and figured we might as well just go ahead with it. We were supposed to get married in Vegas, but decided to add an extra day in LA instead. Read More